"When 'I' is

replaced with 'we'

even illness




Welcome to my site!

My name is Lily. I’m looking forward to introducing myself to you and giving you a quick look into my life so that you know how I came to be a Social Service Worker and a Soul Healer at heart.

I graduated from York University in 2013, but had decided to return to school in 2016 to complete my education towards a profession more geared towards my passion and life purpose. That field is ofcourse Social Service Work. More recently, I have also completed a certification in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

My strong interest lies in helping people recover from emotional distress, trauma, anxiety and depression. My focus is to also teach various strategies and techniques that I have learned and used personally to cope and heal from present internal/external conflicts, negative emotions and unpleasant life circumstances, all of which stand in the way of living a happy, peaceful and balanced life.

My personal life struggles and situations have led me to discover my passion to help, inspire and stand by people just like you towards your healing and healing journey.

*  *  *

In 1999, my family and I escaped war and immigrated to Canada. My life wasn’t your typical childhood of going to school, playing and learning. At age 7, I heard bombings, witnessed people being killed by soldiers, experienced starvation and for most of my early years, I remember living in the dark basement - where we hid. This traumatic experience had carried over into my teen years where I had begun experiencing extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

“Time passed does not heal our inner traumas and wounds, they remain with us… until we are ready to address them & soothe them. Only when we are brave enough to face our hurting emotions can we go back to ourselves and live free” - LilyBee

Moving to Canada had also brought on many other internal challenges. Because of the war, I barely had Grade 1 completed. When I came to Toronto, I was placed in Grade 3. I experienced bulling, and was constantly made fun of because of my lack of English speaking skills and lack of education. A lot of my internal insecurities and the feeling of “not being good enough” stemmed from this moment. Growing up was tough.

My parents too had suffered from extreme anxiety and depression as they had been displaced from their normal life, starting out in Canada from rock bottom. Their education was not considered and they both worked around the clock in minimum waged jobs to provide a living for my sister and I. Their lack of emotional presence and support growing up, had me rely and cling on to unhealthy and abusive relationships in my early 20’s.

Lost in the chaos of my parents life struggles and their unhealed emotions, along with a toxic relationship that I was in, I too was drowning in anxiety and depression. I was so overwhelmed, I felt like I lost myself and my life direction. I remember telling myself “This… the way I feel…this is not my life”.

It became clear that I needed to direct my energy towards healing myself. Favourable and positive life experiences and relationships were all out of reach - I needed to heal my wounds and broken pieces.

But, how was I going to do that?

Clueless, I began my journey based on trial and error - and with help of the Social Service Worker Program, I healed completely with now the knowledge and skills to help and inspire others to do the same.

The sole purpose of my website is to Stand By You - to be your shoulder to lean on... when you feel alone and have no one else.

I will also assist you in recovering from your anxiety, depression, emotional distress, internal scars and wounds that are keeping you from living a happier, healthier, peaceful and balanced life.

The Next Step

In today’s world, it can be difficult to find someone who empathizes, is there to listen, help and Stand By You around your schedule. Check out my services page - here you will find various programs and ways of contact that will be sure to meet your individualized and personal needs.